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$1.6 Million

Accident Injury

$2.2 Million

Wrongful Death

$3.3 Million

Brain Injury

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Spine Injury


Spine Injury

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Expert representation from an experienced personal injury attorney.

Fight for the full and fair compensation you deserve. You need an outstanding Kelso personal injury lawyer on your side.

The law office of Grant A. Gehrmann helps those injured as a result of:

  • Car/motorcycle accidents
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Other serious accidents

Our office also takes on wrongful death cases.

You need to be represented by an experienced Kelso personal injury attorney who you can trust.

You need Grant A. Gehrmann.

Grant has more than 25 years of Kelso area experience, representing hundreds of clients in Kelso personal injury cases. He achieves outstanding results for his clients by focusing on his clients’ needs and standing up for the little guy in the fight against big insurance companies.

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Kelso Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Clients in Cases Involving

“Grant is a true professional. As our counsel, he always placed the interests of our family as priority number one. He is thorough in his research, kept the process transparent and arrived at the best outcome for us. I definitely recommend Grant.”

— Matt H.

“Grant and his staff are fantastic to work with. I appreciated their honesty and the time they took to make sure I understood what to expect each step of the way. I felt very confident in their expertise and appreciate the genuine care they have for their clients.”

— Amber F.

“They were there for me every step of the way. I suffered a brain injury and could not have gotten the medical treatment I needed without their assistance. I got a fair settlement and could never have done it without them. Highly Recommend.”

— Gretchen H.

Our legal team has only your best interests in mind.

Grant handles all legal and insurance issues for you.

personal injury lawyer Kelso Washington Gerhmann Law Office

Fighting against an insurance provider? Frustrated by the headaches, hassles, and difficulty getting a straight answer? Let the Gehrmann Injury Law office cut through the bureaucracy and get results for you. 

We fight the insurance companies so you don’t have to. You’ll receive clear answers to your questions from our experienced and outstanding Kelso personal injury lawyer.

Grant handles:

  • Insurance paperwork
  • Medical bills and ongoing care costs
  • Legal and court proceedings
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Getting you full and fair money damages

Our office is located in Vancouver, WA. We are fully licensed and ready to take on personal injury cases in and near Kelso, WA.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been seriously injured as a result of an accident near Kelso. Will you represent me?

Our office is prepared to handle many different types of personal injury cases in Kelso — particularly those that result in serious injuries to the brain and spine, as well as wrongful death cases. To learn if we are a good fit for your situation, call our office at (360) 253-3667 today.

How long will my Kelso personal injury case take to resolve?

Every personal injury case in Kelso is unique. Assuming your case is not overly complex, it will generally require 1-2 years to fully resolve. Throughout that time, we’ll be available to answer your questions and update you on our progress. We aim to ensure you are well-informed about your case and confident about your legal strategy.

Do I pay now to hire a lawyer?

When working with a Kelso personal injury attorney, you should only pay if you receive money damages from winning or settling your case. Our office never charges any fees to get started on your case.

I was hurt while at work. Will you take my case?

Most on-the-job injuries are covered by the Washington State Workers Compensation law. If you were injured at work, you probably need a workers’ compensation attorney who focuses on “hurt on the job” types of cases. However, our office does take on cases where a person was hurt on the job by a negligent third party or a dangerous condition on the premises that was not caused by their employer.

A good example would be a delivery driver who was hit by a negligent driver and suffered injuries. In this sort of case, there would likely be both a workers’ compensation attorney who can handle the state claim and a claim for our office to handle the injury against the other driver involved in the accident.

You’re always welcome to contact us and tell us about your case. If we can help, we will.

Do you handle medical malpractice cases?

We evaluate medical malpractice cases on a case-by-case basis. Medical malpractice law for injured persons is one of the most complex and difficult areas of law — this is why very few Kelso personal injury attorneys are willing to take them on. We have successfully pursued numerous medical malpractice cases for our clients. We’ll only take your case if we think we can help and if we think we can put our experience and expertise to work for you in a successful way.

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