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On the morning of November 30th, 2017, our client was driving on Highway 14 in Vancouver, Washington. While slowing for traffic, her vehicle was violently rear-ended. The at-fault driver was cited by the police for Following Too Closely.

Both vehicles sustained severe damage and had to be towed from the scene.

Enter Gehrmann Law…

I met with the client after the collision and took her case because it was clear to me that she needed legal help. Her doctors had diagnosed a traumatic brain injury from the collision and the client was having significant ongoing symptoms, including vision abnormalities, constant headaches, inner ear balance problems, and cognitive processing difficulties.

Since I have extensive experience in brain injury claims, I knew my office would be able to help her deal with the insurance companies.

Brain injury cases are often contested by insurance companies and this case was no exception. The insurance company hired multiple doctors who make a significant part of their income by being experts for insurance companies in litigation. 

As expected, these doctors attacked the client and her doctors by claiming she was not significantly injured and that her actual treating doctors were wrong.

brain injury attorney Vancouver Washington

“Grant was a joy to work with. When a problem came up he fixed things right away.”

— Leslie S.

 “I suffered a brain injury and couldn’t have gotten the medical treatment I needed without Grant’s assistance.”

— Gretchen H.

“Grant and his staff are fantastic to work with. I appreciated their honesty and expertise”

— Amber F.

Working On The Case

“My client was an incredibly nice young lady who I really enjoyed getting to know. Like many clients, she was shocked that the insurance company was attacking her claim and also her treating doctors. Fortunately, at trial, I was able to cross-examine the defense doctors and expose their backgrounds working for the defense on many other cases.”

“Based upon the verdict, it appears that the jurors did a good job of simply rejecting the defense doctors’ testimony. In other words, the jury agreed that my client’s actual treating doctors were correct in their diagnoses.”

brain injury lawyer Vancouver WA

Grant Gehrmann, Brain Injury Attorney In Vancouver, WA

This case was filed in Clark County Superior Court in January 2020 and proceeded to a jury trial.

Before the trial, the insurance company for the at-fault driver offered my client about $68,000 to settle her case prior to trial. I felt strongly that this offer was not fair to my client because although her condition had improved with treatment, she continued to have ongoing problems related to the collision. I recommended we proceed to a jury trial, to which my client bravely agreed.

Through hard work and preparation, including a 4-day jury trial, we received a jury verdict in excess of $600,000.00.

Key Takeaways:


Grant Gehrmann has 25+ years of experience in traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury cases.


Grant gets to know his clients well, creating the best possible legal strategy to fight on their behalf.


Contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible following an accident.


An outstanding attorney can win at trial, and in this case collected nearly 10X the final offer of the insurance company.

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