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Accident Injury

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Wrongful Death

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Brain Injury

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Spine Injury

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Injury to Child

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Rear-end Car Crash

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The Personal Injury Claim Process

Personal Injury Legal Claim

Personal injury claims can occur when a person has suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else. Some of the most common examples are injuries sustained when a negligent driver causes a car crash.

Often, the only way for victims to get fair compensation is with the assistance of an experienced attorney. At Gehrmann Injury Law, we know that legal processes can seem complicated and frustrating for most people. But if you’ve been a victim of personal injury, our team can guide you and answer your legal questions throughout the claim process.

Our Areas Of Expertise:

  • Brain Injuries — injury from concussion, which can cause pain, cognitive problems, balance issues, and vision problems.
  • Orthopedic Injuries — injuries to bones and/or ligaments, including those requiring surgery.
  • Spinal Injuries — including disc injury, spinal cord injury, and ligament injury to the spinal area.
  • Dog Bites — dog bites can lead to severe injuries, particularly to the hands or face. They may require surgery, hospitalization, and other treatment. We also handle dog bites to children.
  • Medical Malpractice — can lead to severe injury, death, disfigurement, or disability.

Personal Injury Claim Process

Each person that comes into our office is unique. They have different life experiences, problems, goals, and questions. That’s why we address each case in a particular way, and we make sure that every client is both heard and understood.


  1. Initial Consultation. It all starts with a conversation (virtual or in-person). Tell us your case, and ask us all your questions. Together, we will discuss whether your claim is a fit for our office and the best course of action for it. 
  2. Action Plan. We work with your doctors to make sure you get proper medical care and that your medical bills are paid promptly. We’ll research your case and handle all interactions with the insurance companies – you will never need to argue with an insurance adjuster when we are on your case. We keep you informed during the entire process, so you are always updated on the status of your case.
  3. Settling The Claim. In every case, we’ll fight relentlessly to make sure our clients receive full and fair monetary damages. Our goal is to ensure that every single client is treated fairly and obtains the compensation that they deserve.
  4. Take Your Case To Trial, If Necessary. We try to resolve every case through settlement, when possible. But sometimes the insurance companies do not treat claims fairly. Specifically, the insurance companies may refuse to offer a fair settlement amount. If this happens to one of our clients, we fight back hard. 

    What To Expect During The Process

    Our philosophy is to reduce confusion and make things clear and simple for our clients. We provide all clients with extensive information about claim valuation, medical bills, insurance company offers, potential settlement, and all legal options for every client throughout the representation,

    • Caring representation. We get to know all of our clients and understand that our clients are dealing with injuries that were thrust into their life unnaturally through no fault of their own.
    • We’ll work tirelessly for you to get full and fair compensation.
    • Constant information, quick callbacks, and availability to answer your questions.
    • Your win is our win. No fees are charged until we get money damages for you.

    A Good Attorney Makes A Difference

    Millions of dollars in damages successfully obtained for our clients.

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    “I used Grant for an auto accident. He was a joy to work with through the whole process. When a problem came up he fixed things right away and didn’t stall. He was very professional and quick to answer any questions I had and was knowledgeable about what was to come and what was a reasonable request. He went above and beyond my expectations. It was a great experience overall.”

    — Leslie S.

    Grant A Gehrmann: Put His Experience To Work For You

    Grant A. Gehrmann is a lifetime Vancouver resident and has been an attorney in Clark County for more than 25 years. Grant is well known in the Vancouver community and is recognized as being one of the very best injury attorneys in Southwest Washington.

    Grant delivers exceptional legal help and works hard to ensure every client obtains excellent results,

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    As a Washington State law office, we do our best for each of our clients.


    We care about every client. We listen to our clients and provide specific, knowledgeable, and caring advice to every client.


    We fight for our clients and we work tirelessly to ensure an excellent financial resolution to all insurance claims.


    Throughout every case, we provide our clients with knowledge and information about all legal aspects of their injury claims.

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